The special products division is the most enjoyable  place to
be at the Tipen Company. Why you might ask? Well its the
most creative area we have .
If you have an imagination and like to create special and
unique things for your customers then this is the place. If
you're an architect, engineer, and especially a designer  you
can give your customers a whole new world .
At  the Tipen Company all things are possible and why is that?
Its because your working with the best in the industry. We
have the finest craftsmen, engineers and designers in the
industry. To help you create anything you want for your
With a complete welding and fabrication shop, a very cool
wood shop, and highly experienced materials finishing
specialists, you can't go wrong from concept to finished
product and installation. You picked the right company to talk
Special Projects
We can build anything from rockets to cabinet
signs to custom rails. Check out the
photo gallery  
just click one of the TABS above.
POP display
custom tile design
faux stone detail
faux stone wall
etched tile
faux painted wall
unique sink
acrylic sink with custom base
Q: Can You build me a custom sink
from this broken antique champagne
bucket ?
A: Yes we can, see the repair work to
this piece,  the beautiful walnut
pedestal we built for it to rest on  and
final install, its amazing what we can
faux paint
To contact us please call
Ph. 303-750-3089
Fax. 303750-6924
Special projects coordinator Tim Behm
Click on  the Gallery tab above to see more.
giant pencil
Kids love our giant pencils, rockets, and all things big, we love to
build them . Nothing like a smile on a kid.
stone wall faux paint
hand painted detail
Watch for theater project up dates here
North wall raised
Thumb nail sketch front screen
theater screen
The screen manufactured by
Tipen for high output dislpay
Theater with bench
and face frame
Sliding door to
disco installed
Theater front start
framing room size
13'x 22'
Etched aspen leaf tile,
we can etch your design
4'  tall test
rocket for
music video
Hand Carved Fish
4 foot tall paint pallet and
hand crafted brushes
Oh! Did we say we can make
any thing ?
This unit is hand crafted plaster and faux finish to
look like large hand cut stone . Click on construction
group for finished room photo.
Hand painted grapes
either side of fancy hood
Hand crafted sink base
and installation
Click to enlarge
Theater framing
Click to enlarge
North wall equipment and award
display -mock up of rail placement
Front cabinet
work starts
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Hand carved
plaster to look
like sand stone
Click to enlarge
Custom rail
The Tipen Company, Its all about the details
See video
Custom light sconces
Custom gold light fixture
Click to enlarge
Watch for us in home theater magazine, coming soon
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Concessions For Theater
If the best is what your looking for
North entrance
Tim welds a beutiful stair rail soon
to be a antique gold finish